Everything in One Place with Disney+

Disney is releasing a streaming service of all its content on November 12th called Disney+ for $6.99 per month. It will slowly be pulling all Disney family lines – Disney, Pixar, ESPN, Nat Geo, Marvel, and Lucas Films – from other platforms and those movies, tv shows, and documentaries will only be available on the exclusive streaming service. According to Disney, within the 1st year the service is live, subscribers will have access to 7,500 episodes and 500 films. 

As a huge Disney fan since childhood most of our Disney movies were initially on VHS tape (gasp!) followed by DVDs or Blue-ray. In my current household we still have DVDs and Blue-ray but the classic Disney movies are gathering dust in a trunk at my parents’ house. We stream all of our media from Netflix, Youtube, or Amazon Prime at the moment so adding another streaming service to the mix isn’t unreasonable. For me, Disney+ will be a convenient and cost saving way to get access to old and new content exclusively from Disney. 

At D23 Disney released information regarding a huge discount for those interested in Disney+. It doesn’t require any additional membership dues and is a 33% discount! If you sign up for a free D23.com account with general membership you will get access to redeem the Disney+ offer of 3 years of service for the cost of 2 years within 36 hours.  This deal is available until September 2nd.

The upfront cost is $140.97 at the time you redeem the offer even though the service doesn’t go live until mid-November. I just did it today and it was a bit hard to navigate as the website is so bogged down with Disney fans eager for the savings. Once you have confirmed your D23 membership "My Account" will appear at the top of the screen. If you don't see it your account hasn't been processed by the D23 system yet. Once you see it click and select "View Account" from the drop down menu. It took about 5 hours for the introduction email to arrive in my inbox and for the offer to be available to me after clicking "View Account." The Disney+ offer was a large display page once available and the opportunity to "Redeem" was easy after that. It asks you to enter your account credentials again and for credit card to process your payment. Once you've completed all the steps you're set for all the Disney programming you can handle for 3 years!

Some of the exclusive programming that will be available on Disney+ is perfect for the smallest or tallest of Disney fans.  Disney has released timelines and information regarding three new series in the Marvel cinematic universe to debut on Disney+. Loki follows the adventure of fan favorite Tom Hiddleston as he continues to make trouble in the universe. WandaVision follows Scarlet Witch and Vision exactly when we aren’t sure yet. A potential future Captain America is buddied has his own show as well with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. One of the shows I’m excited for is What If? an alternate look at the MCU if major characters were female.

Star Wars fans are loving the recently released trailer for The Manadalorian which has a $100 million budget (the eight season of Game of Thrones had a $90 million budget). Disney+ is also set to be the home of a spin-off of Rogue One about Cassian Andor. Obi-Wan Kenobi is also getting his own series with Ewan McGregor respiring his role as the sage force-wizard.

Lovers of classic Disney channel movies and TV shows are not being left out. A reboot of High School Musical is planned. Another reboot of Lizzie McGuire has excited 90s kids and is giving off a distinct Fuller House vibe with Hilary Duff reprising her role as a 30 something in NYC as an apprentice to an interior decorator. Luckily the original creator of the show, Terri Minsky, is back in the driver’s seat so the reboot should be in good hands. I am also excited for a new Muppets series to be coming to the platform. Lastly, Pixar is getting in the mix too with a spin-off of Monster’s Inc. called Monsters at Work.

There are so many things in the works for this new streaming service and details will continue to emerge about them in the coming months. For my family with a passion for Disney and Star Wars we can’t say no to Disney+. What about your family? Is this deal something your family would consider now or would you wait until after the service goes live? Comment below and let us know what content you are looking forward to watching


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