How to Bring Disney Magic into Your Home

Anticipation building. Chatter rises as people crane their neck and shift in their seats. Finally you’re there. You made it to a Disney Park! Walking in you see the Castle at the end of Main Street. Hear the sounds of the Dapper Dans serenading you. Smell the chocolate chip cookies inviting you into the bakery. Experiencing Disney for the 1st or 100th time is special. Not everyone has the financial resources or the physical ability to travel to a Disney Park for a vacation, though. People out there now would love to make their dream come true of walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle or having a Mickey-shaped pretzel but just can’t. And most of us just never want to leave once we’ve made it. Don’t fret! There are some great ways to enjoy a little (or a lot) of magic in your own home or neighborhood.

Cinderella and my daughter, Hazel
We have all been to your average little girl’s princess birthday party. Who says a party with
princesses has to be for little girls, though? If your block or family wants to make an event really special consider hiring a real Princess like Cinderella. Princess Ever After is a Denver company specializing in Disney princesses for events with high quality costumes, vocalists, and a reputation for high standards. Princesses aren’t Disney’s bestselling properties anymore, however. If dancing, listening to stories, and wishes isn’t your gang’s idea of a good time many companies also offer Star Wars or Marvel characters. Seeing a real life princess, Jedi Knight, or caped crusader is great no matter your age. With a little suspension of disbelief and the right crafty set-up these additions can inject a gathering with some serious Disney magic.

One of the biggest draws of the parks for folks who aren’t into amusement rides is the famous Disney food and snacks. From Dole Whip to churros to pretzels to turkey legs there is something special about these treats. A lot of these treats are very reasonable to make at home. Creating some of these favorite food items with family or friends is a sure way to relive a great park memory or start a new family tradition. Keep a look out for posts of park style treat recipes coming soon!

Whether you were aware of it or not, each area of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom has its own theme adding to the ambiance and experience. Songs written to match the mood of the area draw you further into the curves of the river on the Jungle Cruise and deeper into the seas with Finding Nemo. Albums of park music including general thematic music, classic movie music, and ride specific songs are available online. Giving this music a listen in your home or get together brings back great memories. It also supports a special theme or adds a playful touch to any home environment.

Replica plaque from Disneyland - Ye Olde Prop Shop
Speaking of home, there are plenty of ways to make some park, ride, or food related touches a
permanent part of your place! Creators like Ye Olde Prop Shop, Magic Candle Company, and the multitude of Etsy artists take you to the parks and back home again. Go upscale with framed prints in the style of retro travel postures, place a replica of the entrance plaque in your hallway, or dot your home with scents like Pirate Life, Mouse Waffles, and Philharmonic Pie to make your home a refuge.
Mouse Waffles scented candle - Magic Candle Co.
One of my favorite suggestions can be done on a small or large scale – using a large outdoor screen or indoor TV to screen Disney movies or fireworks for your crew! Through the use of streaming services or videos available online, many sights and sounds of Disney are at your fingertips. Include some Disney music and snacks to cue up a film or wait for a live video of a nighttime fireworks display straight from Anaheim or Orlando and you’ve got an evening full of memories and magic.

Don’t forget other alternatives to Disney Parks that, although not as budget friendly as those discussed above, are still a great way to experience Disney magic. Examples include Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii and Disney Cruise ships.

Do you have any tips for keeping a little Disney in your life? A favorite product that makes your home feel magical? Comment below!


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