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Packing for any trip can cause a big headache. What if it rains? What if it is cold one day? What if a pack of rhinos marches through town in high top sneakers? Consider when you will be traveling to the Disney Parks to choose your clothing or be like my mom and come prepared for anything. Definitely bring the basics: cloths, toiletries, sunglasses, medications, health insurance card, ID, credit card, a little cash, and phone/camera. Consider taking a paper copy of your boarding passes, tickets, and hotel reservation just in case something happens to your phone. Don’t forget your Magic Bands when traveling to WDW (keep them in your carry-on for use at Disney’s Magical Express).

Although Florida and California both have warm weather in the summers, they aren’t necessarily warm enough for shorts all year. Daytimes can be fair most months but morning and evenings will be chilly if not downright cold. During the winter months temps could dip into the 40s and 50s during the day so if traveling in late November, December, or January consider back-up hats and mittens. Even if going during the spring or summer consider a light jacket for the mornings or evenings. Let’s say it together: comfortable walking shoes. As in break them in if they are new before you go. A back-up pair of shoes would be smart in the case of rain #soggysneakers or to wear with your swimsuit when headed to the pool. Speaking of rain a poncho never hurt nobody no how. If you are traveling in the spring and summer months bring sun screen and/or hat. No one wants to be sunburned after day 1 and endure the whole week as a #rocklobster.

Below are charts for Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL regarding high/low temps and days of rain.

Anaheim, California Weather

Month High/Low (°F) Rain
January 69° / 47° 3 days
February 69° / 48° 5 days
March 71° / 52° 3 days
April 74° / 54° 2 days
May 75° / 58° 0 days
June 79° / 62° 0 days
July 84° / 66° 0 days
August 86° / 66° 0 days
September 85° / 64° 0 days
October 80° / 59° 1 day
November 74° / 52° 2 days
December 68° / 46° 4 days

Orlando, Florida Weather

Month High/Low (°F) Rain
January 72° / 51° 4 days
February 75° / 54° 4 days
March 79° / 57° 5 days
April 84° / 63° 4 days
May 88° / 69° 6 days
June 91° / 73° 12 days
July 92° / 75° 13 days
August 91° / 75° 14 days
September 89° / 74° 11 days
October 85° / 68° 5 day
November 78° / 59° 3 days
December 75° / 55° 4 days

Bring a reusable water bottle and consider a reusable straw. Staying hydrated is essential for maximizing and enjoying your day. Although cups of ice water are freely available around the park, you won’t have to wait in line with your own bottle and you can take advantage of the new filling stations that are being installed. If you’re sensitive to the taste of city water, consider a water bottle with a filtration system built in. Florida’s is a little off. Disney is also making a switch for conservation to paper straws which get soggy and don’t last the day in your drink.
Most of us use our cell phones for everything. Disney won’t be a rest break for phone either. Using the My Disney Experience App or Disneyland App, taking pictures, scheduling and scanning FastPasses, and checking wait times will drain your battery quickly. Bring a charger or rechargeable external battery with you to keep you fully charged all day. Both parks offer FuelRod which gives you a rechargeable battery for $30, which you can infinitely swap out in the park, but far better external batteries can be purchase online for a much lower cost.
Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with kiddos, you can purchase souvenirs including shirts, ears, pins and an autograph book and pen ahead of time to save money and time searching the parks. This can be a fun way to plan a family or couple’s coordinating outfit. It can also stem the flow of pixie-dust hyped kids who want EVERYTHING they see. Bring special items out a day at a time or have a small package of items ready to go upon arrival.
If traveling with little ones still using a bottle or taking breast milk, formula, or purees bring those as well. Disney no longer allows dry ice or loose ice so when packing a cooler for the day use solid ice packs. Also, if you choose to bring a stroller make sure it meets parks regulations (no larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long) and no push or pull wagons are allowed in the parks.
When packing for Disney there are two good things: you can have almost anything delivered to your resort hotel if you forgot it or don’t want to carry it on the plane. If you forget to pack something odds are they will have it for you to purchase either at your resort or it can be delivered to you with many popular grocery delivery services. If you need baby formula, food, snacks or medicine the baby-care center and first-aid located in each park has you covered. They also have areas for privacy for pumping or breast feeding moms.
What to bring into the parks really depends on if you want to travel ultra light or not and what time of year you’re traveling. In spring you could get away with you, your magic band, and your phone if your credit card is hooked to your magic band for meal and souvenir payment. Otherwise my “go bag” has a rechargeable battery, sunscreen, light jacket, mini hand sanitizer and deodorant, sunglasses, and water bottle with reusable straw.

What is your must have item in your suitcase? Comment below!


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