Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

A quintessential Disney Park treat is the Mickey Rice Krispie treat. They can be found in many of the bakeries and candy locales in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Some spots will even let you customize your own! Varieties are plentiful, however, ranging from plain to dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with candy or cookie crumbs, and drizzled with even more chocolate. My best friend @sarahemm is a huge fan of these particularly the the m&m version. Making these at home is the perfect way to bring some snack magic into your home when you're missing time at the parks or if planning a Disney themed party! I was able to order the Mickey shaped cookie cutter from Amazon. It was surprisingly sturdy metal with plastic edges - nothing stuck to it when cutting out these treats.

So for our version of the basic Mickey shaped Rice Krispie:

4 TBS butter
10 oz of miniature marshmallows
6 cups of crisp rice cereal
Melt butter over low-medium heat, melt marshmallows and remove from heat. Mix in cereal until well combined. Pour onto a parchment or wax paper lined baking sheet. Flatten treats with a wooden into only half of the baking sheet or to desired thickness. Allow to cool. Using a Mickey shaped cookie cutter, cut treats out! Decorate if desired.

The basic treat is fun and perfectly delicious. But if you really want some of that Disney magic the toppings are going to make the difference! If making these for a crowd or with little ones I would definitely recommend an assembly line with melted chocolate in bowls, toppings/sprinkles on plates or shakers, and drizzles in sandwich bags with the tips cut off resting in cups to minimize mess.

Also, the only problem we encountered while making these yummy treats was my chocolate was old and did not melt properly for dipping. We didn’t panic (#much) and bought Ghirardelli melting wafers instead - they were perfect for this project. Any brand melting wafers available at craft stores will work of course but chocolate and vanilla flavored were the most versatile here. Most of our treats were dipped in a bowl just big enough for the treat for ideal chocolate coverage. I happened to have Red Velvet melting wafers for Mickey’s red velvet pants; dipping in a small rectangular dish to cover the bottom half of Mickey Mouse made it pretty simple!

Toppings used include coconut with dark chocolate, m&ms with dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sprinkles, dark chocolate with peanut butter drizzle, vanilla with Oreo crumbs, and chunky peanut butter with mini chocolate chips. Feel free to get creative at home with toppings! This is a great project for littles with adult supervision and you can bet their favorite step will be dipping and sprinkling!

Spousal support for these treats was good. They are as easy or as complicated as you want to make them. Wrap them up, pop ‘em on a stick, or send them in a lunchbox to make you kid’s friends SUPER jealous.

Let us know what toppings go on your Mickey Rice Krispie treat and which one from our plate makes your mouth water! Hop over to our posts about Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Mickey Waffles for some more delicious Disney Food at Home!


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