Mickey Ice Cream Bars

As our trip gets closer I am starting to crave Disney snacks. I’ve been eyeing the 90th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars at my local King Soopers for quite a while. In an eye catching blue box with classic Mickey Mouse art, these ice cream bars have been available for a few months in the freezer section.

These treats are made by the same company that  produces the park version - Nestle. Currently the ice cream bars are available at a variety of stores including Kroger/King Soopers, Target, Publix, and Wegman’s. If you’ve never had or seen one before, these chilly delights are Mickey shaped vanilla ice cream covered in a hard chocolate flavored shell. 

Opening the basic white wrapping I was excited to see those iconic ears peaking back at me. I was disappointed, initially, as the chocolate covering was cracked around the perimeter of both bars selected for my husband and myself. Despite the imperfections, upon tasting these bars strike a perfect balance between chocolatey and creamy vanilla goodness. I could almost hear the Dapper Dans as I took a few more bites. My husband agreed that the chocolate was not too sweet and the vanilla ice cream was firm but not icy like some cheaper brands of ice cream bars. The Mickey Ice Cream Bar is a perfect snack to start our series of Disney foods at home! Simple but perfect in it’s portability. 

A little steep in price at $6.99 for the box, each package contains six Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Then again with Mickey Mouse Bars at the parks costing $5.75, the 90th Anniversary edition is a steal! You don’t even have to buy an admission ticket. I will buy these regularly if they stay in stores for a sweet treat with a little extra magic. 

Have you tried these ice cream bars? What did you think? Which classic Mickey shaped snack would you love to see at your local grocery store? Comment below!


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