Juicy Lucy with Mickey Pretzel Bun

Recently I was introduced to the Jucy Lucy (#nospellingerrorhere) and I have been on a mission to make one at home. If you haven't shaken the delicious hand of this regional delight, a Jucy Lucy consists of two thin burger patties with molten, American cheese in the middle. The burger had its start at Matt's Bar and Grill in Minneapolis, MN. Legend has it that a hungry customer came in for a burger and a beer and requested a piece of cheese between two patties. After biting into his special order he exclaimed, "That's one juicy Lucy!" and the award winner was born.

I am constantly trying to find new, easy recipes for dinner to entertain my husband and our 15 month old daughter. I tried various meats and cooking styles when trying to replicate the Jucy Lucy but achieved my best attempt a few days ago. As magic would have it, I happened to have some Mickey-shaped pretzel buns at the ready that really needed a burger nestled inside of them.

If you happen to have a burger press at home you're going to be one step ahead of me since I did all the burger forming by hand. Construction is pretty simple. About 1/8th lb of ground beef (I would recommend 80/20) is shaped into a thin patty, pieces of cheese placed in the middle, and another thin patty place on top with the edges pinched together. My best tip here is to cook these burgers in a pan or on an electric flat top where you can control the temperature. DO NOT cook these in a press-style counter top grill (#RIPattempts1&2) unless you want all of your cheese to leak out. I would recommend using a sturdy American cheese but not Kraft singles because they tend to melt and get lost in your burger quickly. You can use classics like cheddar or swiss but won't get the same melt, molten effect. The original at Matt's Bar and Grill is cooked on a bed of thinly sliced white onions - do this at home for amazing flavor and perfect toppings for your burger!

To prep our pretzel buns I sliced them (#knifesafety) and toasted them. If your salt has dropped off you can brush the tops with a bit of melted butter and re-salt. Once your burgers have reached a desire temp (#mediumrare125), pull them off the flat top and stack with onions. I love buying mini dill pickles and spearing them diner style through burgers or sandwiches. It also adds more color to your plate! Pair this delicious burger with tots, steak fries, or my personal favorite sweet potato fries. To add some more magic to this meal, consider whipping up some special sauces or condiments like garlic aoli for dipping, chipotle mayo/bbq for topping the onions, or plenty of classic ketchup.


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