Donut Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

I had a lot of time on my hands this week so I made another batch of Mickey Rice Krispies Treats. This time I decorated them to look like the donut treats on a stick found in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Donut Krispies Treats come in a variety of styles and have been seen in chocolate, pink, and white "glaze."

I was really excited to try out a new Minnie Mouse bow mold I bought on Etsy again. I used it the first time to make the red bow for my Snow White cupcake. I had the method pretty down pat for the red and teal bows this time! Edible white paint came in handy to decorate Minnie's red bow with her signature dots. The teal bow is a custom color I mixed with Wilton gel colors and Wilton candy melts. I was really nervous since you're supposed to use oil based colors to prevent to chocolate from seizing up but it seemed to work okay with the gels!

To make the bases I used the same recipe from our previous post about Mickey Rice Krispies Treats. You can't tell, but the Rice Krispies are actually the "spring" variety and have blue and green colors! Once the cereal, marshmallows, and butter were mixed, I poured them onto a lined baking sheet. Using the spatula I flatted them out on half of the sheet for more thickness. If the treats are too think they are harder to dip and put on a stick. I got 6 cut outs with my Mickey cookie cutter. The scraps fit back into the cutter to make three more treats that were about 2/3 the thickness of the originals.

For the base coating I heated one bag of Giradelli White Chocolate flavored melts in a bowl a little larger than the treats to accommodate dipping and swirling. To give them more contrast I mixed a couple large dollops of warm peanut butter into the melted chocolate. Next time I would add more peanut butter to increase the contrast for the white glazed versions. Since the peanut butter has lots of oil it mixed perfectly wit the chocolate melts, stayed smooth, and dried completely. I also was surprised to see that a bag of Wilton's white candy melts was about the same color as the peanut butter infused Giradelli melts. Next time I'll buy an extra bag of Giradelli - they are really bright white!

Using an open piping tip I gently scored where the three holes should be for the ears and body to guide myself when piping the colored "glaze." For chocolate I used more Ghiradelli wafers and Wilton Candy Melts for pink. I tossed a few melts in a sandwich bag and heated them per package directions in 15-30 sec intervals at 50% power until they started to melt then I used my fingers to mix them together until smooth. Sandwich bags are a cheaper solution than lots of piping bags and work well in these situations! Snip off a tiny corner of the bag and direct the flow in the pattern you want. After piping glaze on to each treat, I sprinkled them with rainbow jimmies. One of the designs I chose was inspired by retro Minnie Mouse using the black and white nonpareil sprinkles and a teal bow.

My favorite design is the Minnie Mouse Donut Ears! I used pink glaze, a teal bow, and a custom mix of nonpareil sprinkles to replicate the delectable fashion item.

These treats are the best - fun to make, easy to customize, and super chewy. They don't get hard but don't fall apart in the decorating process either! So far they are a hit with my husband, friends, neighbors, and Mini Mouse! Give them a try and tell me what you think. Comment below!


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