Mickey Soft-Boiled Egg

I've been experimenting with Mickey shaped foods a lot lately. Shocker, I know. I found some success with making Mickey shaped sunny-side up eggs. What I really wanted to make was the perfect soft boiled egg to go with my Tokyo Disney Style Ramen. It took a few tries to get right but with a little perseverance I got the perfect soft boiled egg that was almost too pretty to eat!

The method for the perfect Mickey soft boiled egg comes from Emmy (@emmymadeinjapan). Since you can't actually get the yolk to be mickey shaped with the usual soft boil method, the first step is cracking them open and creating an egg shaped mold. I followed Emmy's suggestion and made a line around the shell. After cracking the egg I chipped it away with my fingers (due to lack of manicure scissors) until I could release the egg white and yolk. I continued to chip away at the shell until I reached the line. I did have a few spots that cracked through the line but it seemed to hold together okay. Using my hand I separate the yolk into a different bowl. Next I poured the egg white back into the shell.

To keep everything steady, I nestled the egg in a small glass bowl with a paper towel. To cook the egg white I steam it in a small pot with about half an inch of water. Per Emmy's instructions, I used a wooden spoon to vent the lid and prevent condensation from the top of the pot from dripping down into the egg white. It took about 8-10 minutes to cook each egg white on a slow simmer.

Once the egg white was firm, I used my patented piping tip method to make the cut outs for the Mickey body and ears. As I said, it took me about 3 tries to get the best looking Mickey. The first attempt with a petite Mickey, the second a Pooh Bear, and the third was just right. My large circle was 1 inch in diameter and the smaller circles were about 5/8th of an inch. The ideal ratio for Mickey is supposedly 3:5 so it was pretty close. Once the areas were cut out, I used a baby spoon to excise the egg white. I used another baby spoon to drip egg yolk into the newly formed cavity.

 To set the egg I returned it to the pan for a few minutes and then chilled the egg in the fridge until ready to remove the egg from the shell with a small spoon. Don't worry if it isn't quite right. They are adorable even if a bit more bear than mouse!



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